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Here are some useful links and some documentation that I have written. Some of the links may have moved or are now broken. Send me an e-mail if you find one that is broken. Also feel free to e-mail me for comments on my documentation articles.




VMware ESXi Survival Guide - A practical administration guide for VMware ESXi. Instructions for enabling ssh and moving and cloning VM's are provided. Troubleshooting information about duplicate UUID's and MAC addresses are also provided in this guide.

Solaris 10 Zones - A practical guide on Solaris 10 zones. A good starting point for understanding and recognizing zones within the Solaris 10 operating system.

IBM BladeCenter MM CLI Guide - A guide on the Management Module Command line interface for the IBM BladeCenter Chassis. Provides practical examples of many commands that can be used on an SSH or Telnet connection to control the BladeCenter Chassis. Also has some common hardware related AIX commands for working with PowerPC blades.


Fedora Linux - Fedora Linux mirrors.

Solaris 10 - Sun's free Solaris download page. While its not completely free there is a non commercial personal use License.

Suse Linux - Suse Linux Mirrors. Open Suse At least.

Debian - Debian Linux Mirrors.

Firefox - A great open source web browser. Stable fast and runs on most any hardware.

Puppy Linux - A great live CD that runs on minimal hardware. Breathe new life into outdated hardware!

Knoppix Linux - Another great live CD that even has the user interface Beryl included.

Ubuntu Linux - A great Linux distribution for using on a desktop or other personal machine.

Please note: Use at your own risk. Your mileage may vary.